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Haitai Xinneng marketing wanlihang - Hubei station l Haitai Xinneng successfully signed Hubei distri

Issuing time:2021-08-23 17:19

On July 27, the "first meeting of photovoltaic power generation operation and maintenance center in county and urban areas of Hubei Province" jointly sponsored by Haitai Xinneng and Hubei solar air energy industry association was successfully held in Zaoyang, Hubei Province. As the first stop of Haitai marketing Wanli travel in Hubei, Haitai Xinneng, together with Hubei solar energy and air energy industry association, invited photovoltaic operation and maintenance centers, banking and financial institutions, Hubei carbon emission trading center, Hubei Consumer Commission, State Grid and other institutions from various cities in Hubei to gather together, Jointly discuss the development of Hubei distributed market under the promotion policy of the whole county.


The promotion policy of the whole county is an important measure to achieve the "3060" double carbon goal, and it is also an important opportunity for Hubei distributed market to enter the fast lane. As a supplier of high-quality photovoltaic modules, Haitai Xinneng has been favored by the Hubei market with high-quality products and services. At this meeting, Haitai Xinneng successfully signed the centralized purchase order for 300MW photovoltaic module project.


Bao Jiaxing, technical service director of Haitai Xinneng, said at the meeting that Haitai Xinneng has always adhered to the enterprise philosophy of quality casting value. While vigorously carrying out product technology research and development, Haitai Xinneng strictly controls product quality to ensure that it provides efficient, reliable and high-quality products for the market. As one of the top ten enterprises in China's photovoltaic production capacity and the top ten enterprises in China's photovoltaic enterprise sales in 2021, Haitai Xinneng's products have covered all specifications of 210, 182 and 166, and all products have passed the strict testing of third-party testing institutions, which can meet the different needs of customers. Haitai Xinneng will provide perfect product solutions for Hubei distributed market and help the development of Hubei photovoltaic market with high-quality products and services.


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